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$1 Million commitment from philanthropist Shelby Davis expands Global Citizen Year Scholarship Fund
September 30, 2014

September 30, 2014
Oakland, California – Global Citizen Year (, a non-profit social enterprise forging a new educational pathway for emerging leaders, is pleased to announce a new gift from philanthropist Shelby Davis that provides $1 Million to the Global Citizen Year Scholarship Fund.
The multi-year investment will enable 40 graduates of the United World Colleges, a system of international high schools working to create a more peaceful and sustainable future, to participate in Global Citizen Year’s unique, pre-college bridge year.
Historically, international travel, exchange…

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Global Citizen Year Announces Grant Award from Ford Foundation
August 26, 2014

August 26, 2014
Oakland, California – Global Citizen Year (, a non-profit social enterprise forging a new educational pathway for America’s emerging leaders, is pleased to announce a new grant from the Ford Foundation to expand the reach and impact of its programs in the coming years. Multi-year support from the Ford Foundation helps catalyze an ambitious 5-year growth plan which will expand Global Citizen Year’s core program tenfold while changing the national conversation…

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A New Perspective (Huffington Post Blog)
July 17, 2014

A week after returning from my eight-month stay in Ecuador, I found myself on Stanford’s campus for the “Admitted Students Weekend.” There I was, wearing my alpaca sweater, my mismatched earrings, and what someone called “cultural necklace” amidst the crowd of over 1,000 newly admitted Stanford students.
We were all gathered to explore the campus and envision the next four years there. I was brimming with excitement: to talk to my future classmates, to map out my academic track as an Earth Systems major, to discuss poverty, foreign aid, environmentalism…I was so excited, until I found myself standing in the…

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New York City Cocktail Party Brings Together Alumni And Supporters
June 19, 2014

On June 3rd, two of our NYC donors, John and Jody Arnhold, hosted a lively gathering in support of Global Citizen Year.  Our inspiring Alumni speakers, Aitran Doan, Russell Bollagg-Miller, and Kirin Gupta shared their personal stories, reminding us all of the transformative power of a Global Citizen Year. Check out the photos below!


Created with flickr slideshow….

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Abby Falik selected as one of the 10 Young Women to Watch for in 2014 (The Story Exchange)
May 20, 2014

  By Victoria Wang and Colleen DeBaise at The Story Exchange…

When Abigail Falik graduated from high school, she dreamed of joining the Peace Corps but got the standard response: “Go to college first.”
Frustrated but determined, Falik cobbled together a trip to Nicaragua, where she lived with a family in a rural community and learned to make tortillas by hand. She worked in the fields, taught English at a local school and helped build a library. The experience, she says, was so profound that ever since she has been committed to answering the question: “How can we create opportunities for

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Grace Bachmann (Senegal, 2013) keeps her experience alive at Denison University
April 29, 2014

Global Citizen Year Alum, Grace Bachmann (Senegal, 2013) presented a TEDx talk on “Braving Bridges”… at Denison University. She also received funding from the Davis Projects for Peace initiative to return to Senegal and work on a waste management system.

GRANVILLE, Ohio—This summer, Denison University student Grace Bachmann will travel to a village in Senegal to establish a solid-waste management system. Bachmann will be funded for her work through the Davis Projects for Peace initiative, which funds 100 college students each year to design and implement projects that will help build peace across the world.

A first-year student from Worthington,

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Tufts University Offers Financial Aid for Students’ Year Off (New York Times)
March 15, 2014

BOSTON — Tufts University will launch a program next autumn to help cash-strapped students take a year off to travel and perform public service before starting their undergraduate classes.
The program puts Massachusetts-based Tufts among a handful of American colleges offering to pay for a ‘gap year’ to explore the world and absorb different cultures after high school, a tradition that is more common in Europe.
“The idea behind the program is to give incoming students a transformational experience that will inform the next four years of their education,” said Alan D. Solomont, dean of Tufts’ Tisch College of Citizenship…

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Seeing Value in ‘Gap Years,’ Tufts University Offers to Pay (Newsweek)
March 15, 2014

By Zach Schonfeld

Filed Under: EducationColleges and UniversitiesGap YearsTufts University

When Gregory Kristoff graduated high school in 2010, he opted not to start college immediately. Instead, he spent the better part of a year… studying Chinese in Beijing and then Dalian, China. Then he went to Peru — and then, after a full year of such gallivanting, he began his freshman year at Harvard.
It’s probably not a coincidence that his father, the New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, is a particularly vocal proponent of what are commonly called gap years, having written several columns encouraging the

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Tufts Announces Groundbreaking “1+4″ Program
February 19, 2014

While most of her high school classmates from suburban Evanston, Ill., were settling in at college, Lydia Collins, A17, was navigating her way through the Ecuadoran market city of Ibarra, adapting to a different language and a new culture. As a volunteer for Global Citizen Year, she worked for a microfinance organization—one that started a credit union for women—and taught English. She left with perspectives that have enriched her own education.…

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Happy Holidays, from Global Citizen Year
December 30, 2013

At Global Citizen Year, the end of the year is a time for reflection and gratitude. To express our appreciation, we’ve asked our Fellows what they’re thankful for this holiday season.
Video made by Emily Hwang, Ecuador ’13 Alumna.…

Google Hangout

Google+ Hangout On Air
December 19, 2013

Learning from the Global Citizen Year Google+ Hangout
On Thursday, December 5th, Global Citizen Year hosted a national online conversation about the value and opportunity of taking a bridge year after high school. Covering topics ranging from different program models to colleges perspectives on the bridge year, this conversation gave viewers critical insights as they considered bridge years of their own.
The conversation featured experts in the space, including:

Abby Falik, Global Citizen Year Founder & CEO
Gregory Kristof, bridge year alumnus, son of Pulitzer-winning journalist Nicholas Kristof, and Harvard Junior
Jean Fan…, current bridge year student and

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