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Sunset Town_Ecuador

May 22, 2012

For my last blog I wanted to write on returning to America, saying goodbye to my Global Citizen Year family and being back in the South. Arriving to America was just unbelievable that we were actually back, getting into a car where we actually had to wear seat belts and seeing everything as we were driving you can tell we hadn’t slept. We were just randomly yelling out things like “We actually stop at red lights and stop signs here!” “Look, Home Depot!” It didn’t matter what it was if it wasn’t in Ecuador we were excited to see it,…Read the rest »

Goodbyes Are Not Forever
May 22, 2012

When I had first arrived in Ibarra, I thought that it was going to be the longest 7 months of my life and when the time came for me to get ready to leave, all I could think was, “Where did those 7 months go?” Was it really time for me to leave? At that point I felt I needed more time, more time with my host family, more time with my job and more time in Ibarra the city I learned to call home. I’ll admit it wasn’t easy at times and where I couldn’t stand living in Ecuador,…Read the rest »
Church and Hillside_Ecuador

Five Days of Carnaval Craziness
May 21, 2012

Carnaval is five days of pure craziness and fun, be prepared to get very dirty and wet and when you leave the house, leave the house prepared to fight. Carnaval started the first weekend of February, kids were out of school and there was no work for that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The first day of Carnaval, Friday, I had to teach English classes and while walking down my road to work, I got water dumped on me and so it began. After English classes, I was meeting up with two other Fellows to celebrate Carnaval. While walking to get…Read the rest »
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La Caminata del Quiche
May 21, 2012

“La Caminata del Quinche,” is a pilgrimage that started over 400 years ago, that the people of the Catholic churches participate in every year. I´m not Catholic, but I thought it would be a great cultural experience and cool to participate in, so two other Fellows and I met up around 3p.m. Friday afternoon at the bus terminal to start in Quito. We were meeting another Fellow there to walk with her and her family, so we start the two-hour bus trip to Quito, which almost turned into three-hours due to traffic jam. Just outside of Quito, we got off…Read the rest »
Sunset Town_Ecuador

Better In Time…
April 17, 2012

Who can believe that it has already been eights months since I left my small town in Florida and came to live and volunteer in Ibarra, Ecuador. Only 18 years old and just out of high school, I was entering a whole other world and life than what I was used to. My first month Quito was good, I was only homesick once but I was really liking it there, then came the time to spend a week in our home stays, where we would be living for the next 7 months and visiting our jobs. I remember being really…Read the rest »
Bienvenido a Ecuador!

April 17, 2012

In any country you go into you are more than likely going to run into problems, some may be bad or just plain funny. I have my share of problems here in Ecuador, which I like to call Ecuaproblems! First, one of the problems I struggled with when I first got to Ecuador was the buses, because here you take public buses or taxis for your main way of travel. I am from a small town, we don’t have public buses or taxis; the first time I used either a bus or a taxi was in Ecuador. My first bad…Read the rest »
Hazy field

Wednesday Teacher
February 16, 2012

Every Wednesday, I get up at 5a.m., get ready and I’m at the bus terminal by 6:15 am to take a bus that goes by the road to the school about 30 minutes outside of Ibarra. I have to pay attention to make sure I don’t miss my stop, because the school is in a rural area. After I get off the bus, I have to walk up a road, it’s probably about a mile to walk to the school from the bus stop, but I like the walk, I love the view of the green fields and the mountains…Read the rest »

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