Marisa Comeau-Kerege senegal 2013

Marisa has spent the past ten years competing with the Wisconsin Edge Synchronized Ice Skating team, and is now a part of the coaching staff. She was recently chosen as the Rotary Club's Student of the Month. She believes that children should have the best education possible and that local politicians should be responsible for their actions.

Senegal - A perfect sky in Gandiol

Happy Holidays from Mboro!
March 12, 2013

Here is a little holiday video I put together from our holiday festivities in Mboro.  S.E.E.M. is a local youth group that I work with and C.R.E.P.E. is the school I am currently working at. Enjoy!…Read the rest »

“I forgot your name.”
March 12, 2013

“I forgot your name.” “What? Which one?” “Your American name.” “Oh, Marisa.” “Marisa, that’s right.
Where did Marisa go?  Where is
she?” We were talking about my plans for the future after I returned home.  I’m not sure in what context the question came about for my host mom, but what bothered me was how off guard it caught me.  Where did I go?  Or where did, ‘Marisa’, the girl that originally arrived here go?  Have I really changed that much?  I would expect my real family to notice the subtle changes, but have I changed so drastically that even…Read the rest »

March 11, 2013

As my time here comes to an end, I was warned to prepare myself for the questions from family, friends and anyone else that will hear I lived in “Africa.”  Trying to find a way to explain my life here has proven much more difficult that I anticipated.  Finally, it dawned on me that the main problem I was having was that there was one word standing in my way.  Africa.  So much weight is put on that word.  First thoughts with “Africa” comes apartheid, AIDS, starvation, villages with straw huts, and the Sahara.  But that’s not how I see…Read the rest »

A Day in the Life
March 11, 2013

I would like to introduce Coumba Seck.  She is my host cousin out here in Mboro and the subject of my Day in the Life project.  The assignment was to follow a boy or girl age 12-18 in our host community so we could see what life was like for the local kids.  I decided to take a twist on the assignment and included parts of Coumba’s half brother’s day as well to try to see the differences between the lives of the boys and girls in Mboro, more specifically my quartier, or neighborhood, of Gounass. Enjoy!…Read the rest »

No power, no problem
March 11, 2013

What happens if the power goes out in America?  Life kind of comes to a stand still.  Some school districts might cancel school, back up generators would kick in, those without back ups would start freaking out about the food in the fridge or freezer, and the general American population would go into withdrawals or just be bored out of their mind due to being cut off from their precious technology. The power goes out here….a lot.  Whether it is because of the heat, a blown fuse, or whatever, it’s a common occurrence. The phrase, “Le courant est coupé,” (The…Read the rest »
Senegal - Dusty Road

The Start of an Adventure
March 4, 2013

Sorry this took so long to upload but here is a link to my video of the first month and a half of my Global Citizen Year.  Enjoy! Read the rest »

“Everyone eats today”
November 29, 2012

We all sat around two long tables in anticipation of our Thanksgiving feast. “There is going to be so much food,” we were told over and over again.  We were all bubbling with excitement.  When our meals came, one thing stuck out to me.  There was a lot of food, but there were also 33 of us to share it.  The plates were evenly distributed but none of us had a lot. I thought about my previous Thanksgivings.  Although my family has never been one of those traditional sit-around-a-table-and-pass-the-green-beans kinds of families, we always have a feast.  How many times…Read the rest »

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