Parent FAQ

First and foremost, what is a Global Citizen Year?

Global Citizen Year is an intentionally structured academic, experiential, and formative year in between high school and college that includes:

  • Rigorous leadership training, both pre- and post-immersion as well as through ongoing training blocks, with access to industry experts
  • A diverse cohort of peer leaders
  • A service-based apprenticeship, complemented by one-on-one staff coaching, to help the Fellow gain insight into a local organization or community project while also focusing on continuous personal growth
  • An appropriate balance between independent exploration and ongoing program support
  • An enduring “crucible” experience that gives Fellow the maturity, focus, and tangible skills they need to succeed in college and careers.

Although the most profound impacts of a Global Citizen Year reside in the Fellows themselves, we know that this is also a unique and exciting time for the families who support them throughout their journeys – and that as a parent, you have countless questions about what to expect. You may wonder about everything from safety to logistics to program costs, or simply wish to hear from another parent on what the Global Citizen Year experience is really like.

We are always here to take your questions or put you in touch with other families, and invite you to begin to explore some of the answers here by consulting the following FAQs. For further inquiries or to be connected to a current or former Global Citizen Year parent, please email us at and we will be happy to help.

“I considered Global Citizen Year an important part of my daughter Caroline’s education that we would not find in college curriculums… Global Citizen Year  provided a ‘guided catharsis’ for my daughter – assuring her safety and just the right amount of structured learning – but with plenty of opportunity for self-discovery and personal challenge… I am delighted to say she is now loving her college years as a more focused, confident, independent, mature young woman.”     –  David Pocock, Father of Caroline Pocock (Ecuador ’11)



Can Fellows come home during the program? Can families visit Fellows abroad?

Why do you say it’s not a gap year?

What is the Dickinson Public Service Fellowship, and how does it relate to Global Citizen Year?

How does Global Citizen Year prepare Fellows to succeed in college?

What is the Lang/Global Citizen Year Fellowship?

Can Fellows apply (or re-apply) to college during their Global Citizen Year?

Where are Global Citizen Year Fellows placed?

What is covered in the program cost?

How does Global Citizen Year ensure the safety and security of all Fellows?

How much does it cost? Does Global Citizen Year offer scholarships?

What do Fellows actually do during their Global Citizen Year?

Does Global Citizen Year have full-time staff in each country placement?

Can money saved in a 529 account be used towards Global Citizen Year tuition?

What is the timeline for Global Citizen Year?

What is a FAFSA, and how does it work?

What makes Global Citizen Year unique?

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