Student FAQ

About Global Citizen Year

Why do you say it’s not a gap year?

What is the timeline for Global Citizen Year?

How does Global Citizen Year prepare Fellows to succeed in college?

What is the Dickinson Public Service Fellowship, and how does it relate to Global Citizen Year?

What makes Global Citizen Year unique?

How much does Global Citizen Year cost?


Are there health or medical requirements?

Is it easy to defer college for a year?

How do I apply for aid from Global Citizen Year?

Will I lose my state, federal, or college financial aid?

Do colleges support a bridge year?

What is the Lang/Global Citizen Year Fellowship?

What is a FAFSA, and how does it work?

What are the eligibility requirements?

In the Field

How much support will I have in the field?

How will I stay connected from the field?

Can Fellows apply (or re-apply) to college during their Global Citizen Year?

Where are Global Citizen Year Fellows placed?

How are host families selected?

How will I be matched with an apprenticeship?

Re-Entry and Beyond

What is the Capstone Stage?

How does Global Citizen Year help facilitate the transition home and to college?

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