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by | October 7, 2014

[Wiser - Old Man Canyon, Phantoms & Friends E.P.]
Monday, the 6th of October, marks the beginning of my sixth full week here.
The first three weeks in Quito (the capitol city of Ecuador) I lived with a host family, attending language school and training seminars, squeezing in bits of exploration as I could. I summitted Volcán Pichincha, at 15,796ft above sea level, pushing the personal limits I thought previously existed a little bit further. I found a little, unassuming coffee shop where the owner, Gladys, imports green beans and roasts them herself in-house; accompanied by her homemade tamales and…

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Year In Review
by | July 1, 2014

The old cliché tells us that a picture is worth a thousand words. As painful as it is to hear this trite little expression, I think that it holds true. As such, I thought that for my last blog post of the program cycle I would throw together a little gallery of some of my favourite photos from the year to provide a concise little window into the past eight months of my life. Enjoy!
Party Time

A local wind band comes out to celebrate the festivals of San Miguel, the patron saint of the town of Puela. The

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R3 Animal: A Video
by | April 23, 2014

This video was made in order to capture the beautiful work done at R3 Animal where I spent my 7 months in Brazil volunteering. R3 Animal is an NGO who’s mission is to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Reintigrate wild animals into their habitat. This organisation has done so much for me. It has helped me grow, change, and learn about a part of our world I have never before expressed interest in before. The volunteers at R3 Animal are incredible, taking time out of their days to take part in messy, sweaty manual labor in order to help a great cause. Because…

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R3 Animal: Playing With Owls
by | April 11, 2014

R3 Animal is an NGO that works to Rescue, Rehabilitate, and Reintegrate animals into their habitat. We work with animals such as penguins, parrots, macaws, monkeys, owls, and many more. http://en.r3animal.org.br Visit this website to learn more, as I don’t want to use this blog to bore you with the logistics, but entertain you with the stories.
Work starts everyday at 8 am. I arrive to a cacophony of screeching birds and the howls of the monkeys as they call out for their breakfast. I greet the other volunteers, already working away cleaning cages, cutting fruit, and sweeping floors. I…

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by | April 11, 2014

I apprentice at la Mancomunidad del Pueblo Cañari, an organization that carries out projects to stimulate tourism, aid farmers, and protect natural resources by managing and preserving water resources, improving pasture herbage, implementing agroforesty systems, educating children and adults about the environment and ancestral heritage, managing cooperation agreements between groups, encouraging socioeconomic development by improving agricultural and artisanal production capacities, strengthening food security with sustainable agroecological alternatives, and even more in the local cantons of Suscal, El Tambo, Cañar, and Biblian. As much as I would love to be able to say that I personally work on these things, as…

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Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 9.42.43 AM

Speak up
by | April 11, 2014

The following video is a recording of my “speak up,” a presentation I recently made on the topic that I have come to care the most about: food!…

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His Name Is Boo
by | April 11, 2014

I named him Boo, which is short for Bugio, the word for Howler Monkey in Portuguese. He is only a few months old and his head is around the size of a small plum. His long fingers gently pulled at my skin as he slowly struggled to climb up my arm. He clung to my shirt and lightly wrapped his tail around my neck, which sent a faint tickle throughout my body. Then he rested his delicate head on my shoulder, and nuzzled closer to my neck. He needed to be held and comforted by the warmth of a body…

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