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Photo Gallery
by | June 2, 2015

Here’s a visual look at all the people and connections that made this experience incredible. I hope you enjoy the pictures of all my loved ones. s.…Read the rest »
Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 14.35.10

My Year in Photos
by | May 15, 2015

A picture can really be worth a thousand words. Thus, I’ve compiled many of my photos into a photo blog. I also included a digitized version of the Humans-of-the-school-where-I-taught-English book, which I created and left in hardcover form at the school. This project was particularly meaningful to me, as the school was such an integral part of my journey. Check it all out using the link below!   http://significadoecu.weebly.com/    …Read the rest »

Animal Planet
by | May 11, 2015

I walk into a building of two rooms, and the smell of parrots, toucans, and macaws hits me as I think about another day of taking care of these poor animals. In a corner I see a large cage on top of which I see a blanket. There is a heater facing the cage, the first heater I have seen in Brazil. I carefully look inside of the cage, curious about what is inside. I see a black animal, “What could it be?” I think to myself. Curious about what is happening I knock softly on the Ambulatorio door, informing…Read the rest »

Maria, The Wearer of Many Hats
by | March 3, 2015

I think back to September 21st, the day I met my host mom, Maria. I remember she greeted me with the biggest hug, the kind that you can still feel even after a few minutes, and a smile from cheek to cheek. She immediately told me, “My name is Maria, but you can call me Mami”. After that moment, I was so thrilled to have her as my host mom and to be able to call her Mami. My host mom amazes me every day, never stopping to rest until the day is done. It is very rare…Read the rest »

Teacher Appreciation Year
by | February 18, 2015

Everyone who knows me knows I love children: I have been a babysitter since I was twelve years old, a summer day camp counselor, Girl Scout Day Camp Program Aide, and making friends with any kids I see anywhere since forever. When I came to live with my host family in Cuenca, my assigned apprenticeship was to work with an organic farmer’s association; however, once I arrived, my host mother asked me if I would be willing to change my apprenticeship to teach in the local elementary school, and I said yes. Teaching kids was going to be so fun…Read the rest »

Photo Blog 1
by | November 24, 2014

These are pictures of my first couple months in Ecuador featuring Fellows, families, and Ecuadorian nature. The banner is from a road trip I took with my family and their families to Puyo in the Pastaza province. 2. The view of Mt. Chimborazo from the rooftop of my house.
3. One of my workplaces: the school, La Escuela Milenio. 4. A trip to Lake Atillo with Fellows Alcy, Bailey, and Alcy’s co-worker/our guide, Angel. 5. A trip to Baños with Fellow Alea and her family. 6. Christmas tree in our house in Guano. 7. My sister and I at…Read the rest »

A Glimpse of Lagoa do Peri
by | November 24, 2014

Have you ever seen an episode of National Geographic and wanted to jump through the screen to be right where they were? Or look through their magazines in awe and wish it was you visiting such a wondrous part of the world? As I was kayaking in Lagoa do Peri, it became surreal to me that I was not in one of these episodes or articles – but I was living in one. The beautiful community of Florianópolis, Brazil. This past week, I finally got grounded with my apprenticeship at Projeto Lontra, a conservation and observatory for rescued otters who…Read the rest »

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