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by | March 3, 2015

Last week my region had our second training seminar with another region that we hadn’t seen for about five months. Catching up on our lives, I was frequently asked the question, “So… do you have friends in your community?” Along with many others, I shamelessly responded, “Haha definitely not.” But returning to Colta Monjas Alto after that week, I realized how very wrong I was. It’s true, I don’t really have friends my age; there’s no one that I would call up with boy problems or gossip with. No one has heard of lacrosse, field hockey, or diving.  We don’t…Read the rest »

Everyday Life: Eu não sou Japonês
by | February 20, 2015

You eventually start to think that you’re adapting well, picking up the language more and more, and smelling the Brazilian coffee every morning, but one instance of insecurity and self-doubt can bring all your progress down. Let’s start with defining the term micro-aggression (subtle prejudices): commonplace, daily social exchanges in which someone from a dominant culture says or does something, without intended harm, that belittles or alienates someone from a marginalized group. On the first day I arrived in Lagoa da Conceição, Florianópolis, our team leaders Belisa, Isabela, Belkis, and Daniel took all the Fellows to a restaurant by the…Read the rest »

Pre-departure Training Video Log
by | February 10, 2015

Please check out Ian Frank’s Pre-departure Training Video Log (VLOG)!
Read the rest »

Sky Swing
by | January 26, 2015

8/22/2014 – Alliance Redwoods Campgrounds We will soar and we will fly,
We must spread our wings and take to the sky.
From our flight,
We will discover a new found sight.
Our minds will grow
And our imaginations will expand.
There will be sadness though,
With happiness these emotions go hand in hand.
Our bodies will tremble and shake,
But for our hearts it will be worth the energy it takes.
The power to laugh and to love,
They will send us high above.
We will fly with a purpose, knowing full well when we land,
We won’t be…Read the rest »

Learning How to Leave Effective Footprints
by | December 12, 2014

As I walked out of the pet store, I had the biggest smile on my face. For one, I felt like Santa Claus. But most importantly, I was taking full advantage of my freedom and doing something my mother wouldn’t have ever allowed. How hadn’t I thought of this the second I got here? Back home, my siblings and I were scolded for petting random dogs; now I finally got to smother all the dogs I wanted. Unlike in the US, here it’s typical to see stray dogs, and as soon as I saw it I felt it was out…Read the rest »

For the Sake of the Story
by | December 2, 2014

“It’s like everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story.” – Patrick Rothfuss Eight-years-old and I’m lying on top of my bedsheets because that is the only thing that will keep me awake. And I must stay awake because I must finish this story tonight. The one that has been galloping through my head for over a week now, scenes flashing by like the View-Master movie binoculars of the 1990s. Only this time my closed eyes are the binoculars, looking…Read the rest »

To my Future Self
October 17, 2014

This past week, we were challenged to create and share our vision of our Global Citizen Year. My vision of my future self is as follows: By April, I will have a new place to call home. I will have added six new members to my family and I will have become another sister and daughter. I will have another support system to turn to… new friends to rejoice with and new friends to cry with. I will have made meaningful, life-long connections. By April, I will have learned a new language. I will be able to speak confidently without…Read the rest »

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