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Fundraising Challenge
by | August 19, 2014

“Raise twenty-five hundred dollars in the span of 3 months”
It sounded ludicrous, not to mention intimidating, particularly to an amateur like me. The extent of my fundraising experience extended to selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door in elementary school. The experience had been a blazing success, with a grand total of two subscriptions and one pity donation. To say the least, I had dreaded starting my fundraising campaign. In fact, the prospect of the summer campaign had been my primary hesitation in joining Global Citizen Year. Yet somehow, despite my apprehensions and doubts, I have managed to meet and far surpass…

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Mangi Fi Rekk
by | July 30, 2014

In Wolof, “How are you?” is said “Nanga def?” which literally means “Where are you?”. The usual response to this is “Mangi fi rekk.” which means, “I am here.” By saying “I am here,” you are saying that you are alive, and that is something to be grateful for. “I am here” and that in itself is a beautiful thing. I don’t know very much Wolof yet, but I’m already falling in love with the vibrance and energy of the language. To quote my language coach, Barker, “French is, for lack of a better word, sexy. But Wolof is a…

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Three Months Left
by | March 27, 2014

A video from a little while back. Hope you enjoy!…

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Traffic Lights
by | December 16, 2013

Before I talk about my perceptions of gender here in Ecuador, I want to mention something else. First, I want to emphasize that these are MY perceptions, MY truths, while for somebody else, they might not be true.  About a week ago, I was at my second Training Seminar in Baños, just a couple hours north-west of Riobamba. For one of our discussions, we had to read an articl called The Danger of a Single Story. This article used extreme examples, like how someone from another country might watch American Psycho, and then think that all American men were psycho killers. But my fellow Fellows and I discussed…

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by | December 16, 2013

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. A group of Fellows met up in the absolutely stunning town of Baños, Ecuador to celebrate and participate in a training seminar. The food was delicious, the music loud and the laughter over-flowing.
A few hours after dinner though, I started to feel like something wasn’t quite right with my body. I continued talking and laughing with my friends, hoping whatever it was would pass quickly. But after a night spent in the bathroom, I knew there was something wrong.
I talked to my team leader, and we suspected I had giardia. The pain that…

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Life In Florianopolis (Video)
by | November 4, 2013

For the past month, I have been living in the beautiful coastal city of Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil with the wonderful Brazil Cohort. Here are a few of my favorite memories from In Country Orientation. Check it out!
Global Citizen Year ICO Brazil 2013 Video…

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Defining Home
by | November 1, 2013

Originally written en route to Quito, Ecuador somewhere over some ocean on August 29th, 2013. Edited during home stay in Quito.
There’s nothing better to make you reconsider the definition of home than to leave everything you’ve ever known behind. From a vantage point sandwiched between Isabel from the Bay area and Emily from England (or Cleveland, depending on how you ask) racing away from the continental United States, home quickly becomes a relative term. For Isabel, the gridded landscape of California visible most beautifully from the sky symbolized home. Home is mountains and waves of fog. Most importantly, home is her…

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