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My ‘exceptional’ first few weeks
by | September 12, 2014

If I were to describe my first few weeks in one word that word would be ‘exceptional’. Be careful: By exceptional I don’t mean wonderful or perfect or exceeding my expectations in absolute blow-my-mind-into-a-million-pieces-ness. What I mean by exceptional is, characterized by exceptions: things that are unusual or not as one would expect them to be.
A good intro to exceptions: The equator is the farthest place on Earth away from both poles. It is the closest place on earth to the sun. This being the case, it is fair to expect that places near the equator are hot, right?…

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Quito at Night

Where Am I?
by | September 10, 2014

I am currently in Quito, Ecuador. Plot twist. This change of plans, and of continents, was a difficult decision to make and I hope that this blog post will be able to provide some clarity for my friends and family back home.
Senegal is an incredible country, home to vibrant cultures and diverse, welcoming people. I will certainly visit at some point in my life, now just happens not to be that point. Amidst the concerns of friends, family, and virtually everyone I encountered concerning the ongoing health crisis in West Africa, I chose to switch my country placement to…

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404 Error (Español)
by | September 8, 2014

Nota: La mayoría de mis blogs saldrán unos 10-14 días después del dia que los escribí. Esto se debe principalmente a mi poco acceso al internet y al tiempo que toma revisar y aprobar mis escrituras.
Escribí esto durante una noche de insomnio en mi segunda noche en Senegal. Es un poco largo, así que si quieres la versión corta, oprime aquí….
Escribo estas palabras en domingo, 1 septiembre de 2014.
¡Saludos a todos! Les escribo directamente desde Dakar, Senegal, donde estaré entrenando y tomando cursos de idiomas antes de ir a mi pueblo asignado. He estado aquí por

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404 Error (English)
by | September 8, 2014

Note: Most of my blogs will be uploaded about 10-14 days after I actually wrote them. This is due to several factors, the main ones being: lack of access to internet, and the revision and approval of my blog.
I wrote this in a night of insomnia on my second day in Senegal. It is a bit of a long one, so click here… if you want the short version.
I write these words on Sunday, September 1st, 2014.
Hello, everyone! I am writing to you straight from Dakar, Senegal, where I am taking intensive language courses before heading out

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Cena Especial
by | September 7, 2014

Tengo dos otros blogs sobre mi tiempo en entrenamiento que están en el proceso de ser completados, pero después de hoy, siento la necesidad de romper el orden cronologico que quise mantener para mi blog.
Escribo estas palabras en la tarde de 25 de agosto de 2014.
¡Saludos! Sé que muchos de ustedes quieren saber qué he estado haciendo en entrenamiento. Prometo más detalles prontamente. En este blog, sin embargo, me gustaría compartir un cuento pequeño. Hoy fue nuestro segundo día de entrenamiento en Stanford y el quinto día en general. El itinerario y la estructura del día de hoy…

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by | September 7, 2014

I sat on the ground in the middle of a courtyard at Stanford University. A few sat at a nice big table. More sat in the grass on plastic chairs. Many, like me, sat on the pavement or in the grass of the courtyard. Upon walking into the courtyard, we drew slips of paper from a bag. The luck of the draw. The pieces of paper gave us our new identities. I was Julio. A coffee bean farmer from El Salvador. On the very top of my paper, across from my name it read, “low income”. This was an Oxfam…

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Beat of Brasil
by | September 5, 2014

When we dance
We are in-suppressible. Boisterous yet harmonious.
We hear the music and we move.
Boogie, Wop, Charleston, and Foxtrot,
Careening, Jitter-bug-ing, Leanin’ down the block
The music is in the road, in the sky and in the sea.
Lagoa has a soft hymn. The kind you have to hear to believe.
A melody in the way the sun sets behind the water and the trees.
The Blue Mountains that shield Floripa from the sea.
It is a symphony of beauty.
We can tell you this, all of us. All nineteen.
The music. It’s in the sugar cane machine…

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