From the Field

  • Pepper Leaves

    Lauren Guido, Ecuador

    “A rugged lifestyle of bucket showers reminded me of a life I led in Ecuador, something I’ve craved to relive
  • beans close up

    Aitran Doan, Ecuador

    A week after returning from my eight-month stay in Ecuador, I found myself on Stanford’s campus for the “Admitted Students

  • evocative dirt road

    Kaitlyn Johnke, Senegal

    “I wade across the Gambia River, not bothering to roll up my pants because I know the water will eventually…More
  • Laura_3

    Shawn Shieh, Parent, Brazil

    “This is what we should hope for from our children: that they leave the confines of home and mature into…More
  • Hill of Houses_Brazil

    Richard Miller, Parent, Brazil

    “The ride back to Salvador was rapid and the return to the surroundings of our hotel was slightly unsettling. I…More
  • Anderson family

    Nancy Anderson, Parent

    “Picture the colorful array of produce and other items at the vendors’ stands along the sandy streets and alleys.  Feel…More
  • Backyard La Angostura

    Mitchell Mankin, Ecuador

    “Before I can try to change anything here, I need to understand how my community thinks. I’m one volunteer with…More
  • high school student on a gap year program in Brazil

    Winson Law, Brazil

    “As I reach town square, I can already hear deafening announcements coming from the gargantuan stereos strapped to the top…More
  • Dusty Road_Senegal

    Alumni Post: Erin Lang, Senegal

    “I sat at the foot of my Senegalese mother’s bed surrounded by people I love so dearly.  The room was…More
  • Gus_Ruchman_Apr12_TDR_01

    Kirin Gupta, Ecuador

    “The patient nods, still strong faced, and I can feel the steady pulse in her wrist as we finish explaining,…More
  • P1000806

    Max Siragusa, Senegal

    “In a seriously depressed economy, a little more can mean a lot. This rule applies to food, to money, to…More
  • 079

    Avery Ashwill, Brazil

    “Dear Portuguese — You haunt my dreams at night. I wake up in cold sweats wondering how I’ll begin to…More
  • Walking over dunes

    Cam Carrick, Senegal

    “Bicycling rode its way back into my life after a small hiatus and has offered itself to me as the…More

Partners, Supporters, and Press

Why this is not a gap year.

Many people think a gap year is a privilege for wealthy kids. Others think a gap year program is a remedial option for kids who are "off-track". Our mission is to reframe the traditional gap year as a Bridge Year. With Global Citizen Year you aren't falling into a 'gap'; instead you are crossing the bridge that will launch you from one life stage to the next. Let's stop calling it a gap year; and start calling it a bridge year.

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