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Ananda attended Raleigh Charter High School where she was exposed to the idea of global citizenship. There, she devoted much of her time to competitive year round soccer alongside coaching a young girls team. Coming off of her GCY experience, she holds a passion for improving the quality and impact of social work. Presently she is working closely with social entrepreneurship ventures at UNC-CH while working to promote and support gap years locally and nationally. Ananda adores etymology, cuisine, being outside,witty jokes, and random facts.

One Year On
July 11, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a Global Citizen Year event. With new and old faces, prospective and returning fellows, and many of the people that make Global Citizen Year tick, I felt the close of another circle. This loop, the mark of being one year back from Senegal and one year through university, was officially closed. Trying to wrap up all of my thoughts about Global Citizen Year and what it means to me, I came to what I wasn’t going to say: how it changed the classes I took, led me to co-chair…Read the rest »

Good Grief
August 23, 2010

The idiom “good grief” has always seemed a bit oxymoronic to me. How can it be that grief is good in anyways? Perhaps this is why “good grief” is often used as an exclamation expressing something bad that has come along- like rain on a birthday cake outside with candles lit. Good grief, it’s raining! Mon Dieu! A, la vache! There were many points throughout this past year when those phrases passed through my head or out of my mouth. I lost a loved one back home, ran out of water for days, waited hours for things ranging from prayers…Read the rest »

Perchance to Dream
April 27, 2010

The phrase that keeps going through my head? It feels like a dream. When I actually say it out loud, I am referencing how surreal it is to be leaving my host family and Senegal – a fact that I have known, but something that was never quite manifest throughout this journey. When I think about my time here, it is just as much of a dream – weaved of those sublime tales that only comes from the caverns and crevices of one’s imagination, not the actualities of reality. Where I am now – leaving my host family tomorrow, then…Read the rest »

Willy Wonka’s Village
April 10, 2010

Last week I met a Brazilian-Baptist-ex-missionary current NGO worker named Salete. On Friday, Alec and I went along with her and her Brazilian-medical-Baptist missionary friend to the Village of M’Bissaou where she helps out at the local Case de Sante each and every Friday, has a football school with her husband, and aids the village in connecting them to different organizations. First we visited a school that was started by Madame Wade’s (the Presidents wife) NGO, and funded by a Moroccan donor. I really didn’t know schools like this existed here- I literally was walking around with my mouth open…Read the rest »

Open letter to GCY Applicant
March 22, 2010

Dear You, Person reading this, maybe even GCY applicant, Hows life ? Whenever my friends and I talk that’s where we start. Last year at this time, life was centered around school , soccer, and figuring out college . The thought of a gap year started when I was applying for scholarships, and the ones that excited me most were those that focused on travel, experiencing the world, and learning through it. Even after I was done with all the applications, I now had this little bird flying around my head with those ideas, or dreams might be a more appropriate term. Now I…Read the rest »

The New “Mariage à la Mode”
March 21, 2010

Years ago when the French first arrived in Saint Louis du Senegal, male colonists created transient marriages with local women while in country and would return to France, leaving everything, including any relationship title, behind. Going by the name of “mariage à la mode”, these relationships were used by locals to advance themselves through associative power transfer, in the very least gaining status by their connections with the white colonists, and at the most “escaping” to western civilization. Though many details have changed, a modern day marriage à la mode can still be seen in existence in present day Senegal.…Read the rest »

A Little Ditty About Self-Forgiveness
February 26, 2010

A couple of weeks ago a lot of personally and monetarily valued things were stolen from me. Cameras, phone, favorite shirts, money, and so on. The roughest part by far being the loss of my notebook containing four months of notes and all of the studies that I had completed in Noflaye thus far. The first two days were a bit rough as thoughts of all the time and money that were lost and would have to be used in order to correct the situation played a loop in my head. I may well have been the person who was…Read the rest »

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