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Backyard La Angostura

Not in Africa
by | February 16, 2012

(January 23, 2012)   On our seven hour drive from Quito to the beach, there were plenty of interesting scenes to capture. We passed cascades,   and churches,   and landscapes, and drying laundry,   and African Palm groves. What? African Palm? I’m in the Andes. What is an African palm doing here? And why are there so many palm trees? Who buys African palm oil? Answer: African palm oil is in many consumer products, yet we as a consumer body rarely know this. I had never even heard of the plant before, and yet here it is staring me…Read the rest »

The Walls Came Tumbling Down
by | January 30, 2012

When I first started at Le Verger, I thought I had found an apprenticeship in paradise. My original placement in the school system turned out to be stressful and blinding, exactly what I didn’t want; the only direction I could see was OUT. I asked my host dad and fairy godfather if he could find me a job related to agriculture, and two days after that conversation I was working at Le Verger, the tropical tree and plant orchard just down the road. It felt like my secret garden; with over ten hectares of land and only a handful…Read the rest »

Banana Bonanza
by | January 9, 2012

  In the blink of an eye, I was seven years old again, bouncing along on the rough dirt road to my grandfather’s ranch. There I was seated lazily on my sister’s lap in our old blue pick-up, counting the kangaroos that passed. The thick groves of eucalyptus trees lined the single road to our 10,000 acre ranch. Their leaves gently waved in the billowing breeze that carried the raw aroma of the ranch, the scent of my childhood. Unexpectedly, I had returned.   When I decided to travel with my host family to the coast, little did I know…Read the rest »
Horse and Cart_Senegal

Blue Hose, Green Thumb, White Fuzzy Potential
by | January 4, 2012

Going back to school after winter break was never easier than today. After a long vacation filled with both homesickness and new experiences, I was rejuvenated to get back to work. I managed to drag myself to school (nearly) everyday and made some real progress on my newest and most exciting project, the school garden. I am responsible (along with about 100 6th graders) for turning a big plot of land cornered by two classrooms into a garden. My job is to teach these 6th graders how to maintain a vegetable garden of lettuce, tomato, onions and peppers,…Read the rest »

com raiva
May 10, 2011

The last two weeks in my homestay Tom’ s mother, Colange and 5 year old nephew, Samwell, came to stay with us in Sao Bento. In the evenings we sat in front of the TV watching the novelas with café and Samwell would hit his head into the walls and run around the coffee table threatening to break one of Dyna’s tiny pink and blue porcelain ornaments with bells. Then Colange would raise her havainna sandal and flap it back and forth at him in the air, yelling “SAMWELL sit there on the sofa, sit there right and start itching…Read the rest »

Fresh Prince of Pointe Serene
May 2, 2011

Aujourd’hui, je dois dire suma dek bi dafa rafete. (Today I must say that where I live is beautiful!) The day I arrived at my home stay in Point Serene it was not quite, alright not at all what I expected or anticipated: Pointe Serene can be characterized by long walks on the beach enjoying a beautiful sunset over the ocean, pleasant mornings waking up to the sound of chirping birds and waves crashing up against the shore. It is truly amazing how you can build up an idea of how a six month homestay in a small village in…Read the rest »

The Donkey Hunt
April 26, 2011

On a relatively warm Sunday morning which is usually the day for rest here in Senegal, I was unpleasantly awaken by my host brother François; who asked me to accompany him in a search for the family donkey. At first I thought of it as a part of the humorous Senegalese culture, but shortly after eating breakfast (a baguette with cheese and over sweetened coffee), Francois asked me a second and even a third time to come with him. And then I was finally convinced that we were actually about to search the entire village for a donkey, which sounded…Read the rest »

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